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Let’s Talk Must-Have 3rd Grade Reading SOL Passages!

April 25, 2024 No Comments
blog post about 3rd grade reading SOL passages

Teacher time is precious – especially when you need to find grade-level reading passages for the Virginia SOLs! I promise it’s easier than you think to find high-quality, low-prep resources that align to the standards and engage students. Let’s dig into 3rd grade reading SOL passages that you can use throughout the year and especially as part of your spring SOL test prep!

Benefits of Using 3rd Grade Reading SOL Practice Passages

We all know that the best way to prep students for a standardized test is to use activities that are like the real thing. I always keep that in mind when creating. Here are a few things to know about these 3rd grade reading SOL practice passages…

Each includes a printable version and a digital version in Google Slides. Both are no-prep and ready to be printed or shared with your students right in Google Drive – which is perfect for TEI practice!

These reading SOL passages come in both a vertical and horizontal format. I love the horizontal version because it mimics the look of the SOL testing screen and makes it so that students have to flip pages to find the answers in the text.

3rd grade reading SOL passages make it easy to plan your test prep

Each passage includes 9 comprehension questions that hit skills in the reading SOLs (SOL 3.5 and 3.6), along with word analysis strategies (SOL 3.4). The question prompts are similar to the SOLs to help students see what kinds of questions they can expect on the spring test!

Fiction Passage

This short story is all about two brothers who go to a water park but run into an issue with ride height requirements.

Students will review making predictions, identifying the theme and the main conflict, answering questions about what is read, and more.

Nonfiction Text

This nonfiction SOL passage covers the history of roller skates!

Questions cover author’s purpose, text features, drawing conclusions, summarizing, and more.

Functional Format

I always like to create more than one option for functional text practice. The questions for these two texts cover a variety of nonfiction reading strategies, and of course, word analysis skills.

Students can read a flier about a new roller skating rink and an invitation to a birthday party at a rock climbing facility.

3rd Grade Reading SOL Passages Bundle

To save 20% on these passages, you can grab the bundle!

Using Reading SOL Passages to Prepare for the Spring SOL Test

Standards-based comprehension passages are a must-have for spring SOL reading test prep. This is especially true in 3rd grade when they’re taking this test for the first time!

Here are a few ways you can use these SOL passages:

  • class review activities
  • independent or partner practice
  • small group strategy/skill work
  • pair with board games
  • cut apart questions and create a gallery walk/around the room activity
  • include in a classroom transformation

And of course, they’re great to use all year long, not just in April and May! These work great for pre-assessments, literacy stations, remediation, and sub plans!

3rd grade reading SOL practice passages and questions

For more practice, you can also use released SOL tests as well as passages from other states’ tests. Many times the skills will overlap, though you may have to rewrite some questions.

I know that preparing students for their first SOL tests can be a LOT of work. I hope that these 3rd grade reading SOL passages save you some time and stress while you’re planning your test prep!

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