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5th Grade Science SOL Review Activities

March 15, 2023 No Comments
5th grade virginia science sol review activities

When it’s time to prepare for the 5th grade science SOL test, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. Not only do you have TWO years of science standards to review, but you also have students taking their first standardized test in a subject other than reading or math.

That’s why I wanted to create 5th grade science SOL review activities to save you time and help make your planning easier. These activities are easy to prep, engaging, and of course, SOL-aligned.

Science SOL Task Cards

Task cards are a great review activity because they’re versatile – you can use them for partner and small group work, class games, 5-minute fillers, and a lot more. You can also display them around the room to bring a little movement into your test prep!

These 24 task cards cover content from both the fourth and fifth grade SOLs. They include an answer key and a student answer sheet, too.

All of the questions are multiple-choice and many have visuals, including charts and diagrams.

use task cards to review for the VDOE science SOL test

And if you’re looking for cross-curricular resources, these science fact and opinion task cards are perfect to use in science or reading workshop.

Color by Number Worksheets

These color-by-code worksheets are probably my most favorite science SOL review activity I’ve created! I love finding ways to make science test prep more engaging and fun for students, and these do this perfectly!

science SOL color by number worksheets make it fun to review

You can give students these no-prep worksheets to review previously taught 4th grade and 5th grade science SOLs in the weeks before the science test. Or you can use them to wrap up each unit as you teach it.

Teachers love these for morning work, science early finishers, homework, and definitely sub plans!

Digital Science Review for TEI Practice

This digital science SOL review is an awesome option if you want to give your students a mock 5th grade science SOL test. It covers content from the 4th and 5th grade standards, including those pesky scientific investigations SOLs.

use this digital activity to review the 5th grade science SOL standards

All of the questions are right in Google Slides. Students answer by dragging objects to mark their answer choices. These TEI-like questions help students get an idea of what it’s like to take the SOL test.

You can assign each student their own copy or you can go work through the questions as a class. And it’s even more fun if you gamify it!

Flash Cards

Flash cards are a tried-and-true, straightforward activity for test review. These SOL-aligned flash cards cover every 4th grade standard so you can make sure your students are reviewing content from last year.

I know lots of teachers who like to use these starting in September to get a head start!

Need ideas for how to use flash cards with your students? There are lots of options, which makes these really versatile. And all you have to do to prep them is print, cut, and fold.

flash cards are an easy way to go over the 4th grade science SOL standards with your 5th graders

What Else?

Along with these resources, activities like study guides, worksheets, and sorts are more helpful tools to have on hand. These are great to use throughout the year as you teach each unit, to use for spiral review, or to prepare as part of your spring test prep.

And if you’ve already used them earlier in the year, that’s okay – I’d reuse them again in the spring!

4th & 5th Grade Science SOL Review Mega Bundle

If you’re looking to save lots of time and stress with your SOL test prep, I have a discounted mega bundle to help you and your students review all of the science standards! It has over 40 resources, including the ones above and more.

I know that preparing for the science SOL test can be stressful. I hope that these activities help you save time and feel organized going into testing season!

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