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6 Engaging Activities to Teach Geometric Transformations

April 12, 2021 No Comments

I am all about making math lessons as hands-on as possible – especially during a geometry unit! I love using engaging activities to teach geometric transformations so that elementary students can practice manipulating objects in different ways.

Here are some of my favorite low-prep activities for teaching reflections, rotations, and translations (aka flips, slides, and turns).

Transformations Art Activities

If you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate art into your math lessons, a geometry unit is a great opportunity!

One of my favorite activities is to have students create art with the different types of transformations. In the past, my students have done this with polygons, letters and numbers, and even our names.

Students just design whatever template they want to use and trace it to create copies (this is a good review of congruency). Then, they can create a tri-fold with the original image and a reflection, rotation, and translation.

geometric transformations poster

Do you collaborate with specialists to team-teach? This is definitely a standard that art teachers can support!

Use Math Manipulatives

Another low-prep, high-engagement way to teach geometric transformations is to break out the pattern blocks, tangram shapes, and geoboards. Students can create an original design and then pass their work to a partner to create a reflection, rotation, or translation with it. There are tons of free virtual pattern blocks that students can use, too.

If you have a set of small hand mirrors, those are also fun to use to teach reflections. Tip: Raid your science materials!

Digital Transformations Activities

I also recommend having students practice making geometric transformations on the screen. Knowing how to flip, slide, and rotate objects with a mouse or keypad helps improve their computer skills!

These digital activities make it fun for students to practice geometry standards on the computer. And they’re super easy to assign right in Google Classroom™.

Geometric Transformations Boom Cards

Boom cards are another great way to review reflections, rotations, and translations.

If you’re new to Boom, it’s a digital platform where students can complete task cards digitally – which is great TEI practice! These engaging Boom cards are great to use for a review activity, especially during spring test prep.

geometric transformations Boom cards make it easy to teach Virginia Math SOL 5.14

Bust Out the Dance Moves

Remember the Electric Slide and the Cha Cha Slide? Variations on these dances are a really fun way for students to practice geometric transformations with their own bodies! You can just call out different moves (“slide to the left”) and have them play. They’ll go nuts!

Transformations Cut and Paste

These free printable worksheets also provide good practice with the 3 transformations. I’d use this as a classwork or homework assignment, a review, or even an assessment!

As you can see, there are plenty of hands-on, high-engagement activities to teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders about geometric transformations. What other strategies do you use to teach translations, rotations, and reflections? Let me know in the comments!

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