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Daily 4th Grade Math SOL Word Problems

December 12, 2022 No Comments

When it comes to math SOL review, I’m a huge fan of starting early in the year! It helps to keep what you’ve already taught fresh and avoid that panicky feeling in the spring. But when I was teaching fourth grade, I had a really hard time finding Virginia SOL-aligned resources that I could use in my classroom.

So, I decided to create word problem sets for all the standards! These are perfect for practice as you teach a unit, to use all year for spiral review, or to save for spring SOL test review activities.

Why Use Word Problems to Review the Math SOLs?

We all know that word problems can be tricky for students. Using word problems for math concepts besides the four operations is a good way to challenge students to review content in new ways, use critical thinking skills, and develop their math understanding.

When you use them with the whole class or with a small math group, they offer lots of opportunities for math talk!

The daily word problems I’ve created cover all of the Virginia 4th grade math standards! From place value and equivalent fractions to geometry and probability, there are TONS of no-prep word problems that make it easy to review the math SOLs all year long.

I love daily word problems for math review!

What’s Included in the SOL Word Problem Sets?

There are 13 total sets of word problems. For some areas, like geometry, more than 1 standard is covered in the set.

Each set has 20-30 word problems, including questions with pictures and charts that require students to locate information. There is:

  • a colorful option with 1 question per page
  • a B&W option with multiple copies of the question on the page
  • a student answer sheet
  • an answer key

How to Use Daily Word Problems

I’ve always called these “daily word problems,” but they don’t have to be used one per day! There’s lots of flexibility with these.

The colorful version is perfect for projecting as an easy-to-read warmup question or exit ticket. You can also print the questions at a smaller size to use for task cards.

Fourth grade math SOL practice is made easy with this yearlong bundle!

Another option is to use them for a 5-minute time filler! Just print them and put them on a key ring for when you have a few extra minutes at the end of math class. Easy way to do some quick checks!

The smaller question slips are great to use for math interactive notebooks and spiral review notebooks. You can also use them for centers, math games, and homework.

You can print a few questions to keep handy when you’re providing intervention one-on-one.

And I’ve also heard from some 5th grade teachers who like using these to assess students on 4th grade content from the year before.

Use these math SOL review problems each day or for a test prep activity.

Where to Find These Math SOL Word Problems

Each set of daily word problems is available in my website shop.

You can also grab all 13 sets in a discounted year-long bundle! The bundle also includes 4 bonus pages, including graphic organizers and problem-solving sentence starters.

If you prefer to purchase these in my TpT shop, click here!

Just a note to my non-Virginia friends – while these support the Virginia Standards of Learning, I’ve heard from teachers across the country who have successfully used these with their classes. Check each set’s description to see the specific standards covered!

My students always struggle with word problems. I love how this resource provides many options for them to practice over the year with all of the different standards.


I hope you’re feeling excited to try using these 4th grade math SOL practice questions with your students! They’re a great way to increase the rigor of your math lessons and incorporate spiral math SOL review into your lesson plans without a lot of work!

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