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Decimal Place Value Activities Students Love

October 27, 2021 No Comments
decimals place value activities

Looking for ideas to practice decimal place value?

If your students are anything like mine, they need FUN ways to review decimals that go beyond worksheets and place value charts.

I want to share several activities that keep 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders engaged while reviewing decimal place value to the thousandths place.

These are great to use for independent, small group, and whole class practice after you’ve introduced students to decimals.

Digital Decimal Activities in Google Slides™

What I LOVE about this resource is that it’s all in one. You can use these digital activities right in Google Slides to introduce decimals, give students interactive practice with digital decimal manipulatives, and assess what they know. The slides go step-by-step so that your students get an in-depth review.

Digital activities in Google Slides are a great way for students to practice decimal value online.

You can use the instructional slides for your whole group mini-lessons and assign the practice and review slides for math stations and centers. Or you can share the whole activity with students who want to do a self-paced lesson.

Students love how interactive these digital decimal activities are, since they get to type and drag and drop throughout the slides.

Decimal Place Value Scavenger Hunt

I love using math task cards, and this scavenger hunt activity is a fun twist because it gets kids up and moving!

I love using a math scavenger hunt activity with 4th grade students to review decimal value, comparing and ordering, and rounding decimals.

You just print and cut apart the task cards and hang them up around your classroom. Students each start at a different card and then hunt for the answer on another card in the room. Once they finish the loop, they know they’re done, so it’s self-checking!

I love that this review activity also doubles as an assessment, but because it’s a game, it’s fun for students to complete!

Decimal Place Value Word Problems

You might think word problems sound boring, but kids really connect to these real-life word problems. This is one of my favorite ways to review math content in a more rigorous way.

Decimal word problems that connect kids to the real world are another good way to review decimals to the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths place.

Using one decimal word problem a day makes a great math warmup question or exit ticket. I’ve also used these for a quiz-and-trade game if you like using cooperative review activities in your classroom!

In this set, each word problem comes in a full-screen size for easy projection as well as a small printer-friendly version that works great for math notebooks and stations.

Digital Decimals Daily Review

A quick and easy math problem of the day is another good way to keep students fresh when it comes to identifying decimal place value and comparing, ordering, and rounding decimals.

With just one decimal question each day, these are perfect for students who get overwhelmed by a whole review worksheet. They just quickly drag objects or type in a text box to answer each question.

A problem of the day helps you incorporate spiral review of decimals all year long.

This no-prep set of daily decimal value problems has an interactive version in Google Slides as well as a printable version. I love these for entrance tickets, exit tickets, morning work, and math workshop openers.

Decimals Boom Cards™️

You know how I rave about Boom cards. Teachers love them because they’re easy to assign, provide immediate feedback, and keep students engaged. Kids love them because they’re fun!

My Boom decimal place value bundle has SEVEN sets that students can use to practice:

  • reading, writing, representing, and identifying decimals to the thousandths place
  • rounding decimals to the nearest whole number
  • comparing and ordering decimals
  • identifying equivalent decimals and fractions

Try out my identifying decimals Boom cards deck right here!

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students LOVE using Boom cards to review decimals!

You can also grab a free set of Boom cards to review decimals on the number line. If your students are anything like mine, this is a tricky spot!

Decimal Place Value Coloring Activity

Last but not least, I’ve got a fun freebie for you! Kids love completing this decimal place value monster coloring activity. This is great around Halloween but honestly it works at any time of the year!

This free decimals activity is another fun way to practice identifying digits in decimals, rounding, and more.

Just like with whole numbers, students benefit from doing lots of different practice activities to review place value for decimals. These engaging, hands-on activities help students review place value, comparing, ordering, and rounding, for decimals to the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths place.

Thanks to Coffee Beans and Children’s Dreams for the mockups used in some of the images in this post.

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