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No-Prep Digital Editing Writing Activities for 4th Grade

March 13, 2024 No Comments
blog post by Alyssa Teaches

Ask me what I struggled with most in writing workshop and I’d say teaching students to edit their work!

We all have students who think that once they write the last word, they’re totally done. Going back and revising your writing isn’t fun! And it can be hard to catch those little errors. So it makes sense that this is a tricky skill in the elementary grades!

While students definitely need to revise their pieces authentically as part of the writing process, I’ve found that it helps to give students separate explicit instruction and practice with all those editing rules.

So in today’s post, I’m sharing some digital editing writing activities for fourth and fifth graders that you can use to help support those tricky strategies!

Digital Editing Writing Activities

I love having a resource that does double duty for both instruction and practice.

This comprehensive digital activity in Google Slides™ makes it super easy to teach and review different editing writing strategies!

There are instructional and practice slides for each skill, plus cumulative review activities that include multiple skills at once. These are really nice to use to help students practice putting it all together.

4th grade digital editing writing activities in Google Slides

The 40 no-prep slides include practice with these grammar and punctuation rules:

  • writing complete sentences
  • using subject-verb agreement
  • eliminating double negatives
  • using noun-pronoun agreement
  • using commas in series, dates, and addresses
  • using adjectives and adverbs correctly
  • using quotation marks with dialogue
  • using singular possessives
  • spelling words correctly
SOL 4.8 practice activities for Virginia fourth grade students

These interactive practice slides are great for writing workshop mini-lessons, especially if you need something for a substitute teacher to use. They make it really easy to plan revising writing activities as part of whole class practice, writing groups, centers, and homework, too.

And it’s definitely a resource to have on hand when it comes time for writing test prep!

Grammar and Punctuation Boom Cards

There are so many rules to remember when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and spelling!

But commas and adverbs don’t have to be painful to review! That’s why I love Boom cards for digital editing writing activities!

Students LOVE using these digital task cards on the Boom website. Because they’re interactive, they actually make it fun to review boring writing rules. And because they’re self-checking, it’s easy to monitor how students are doing with those tricky skills.

I’ve created several Boom cards for different editing skills that I’d seen my students struggling with:

Using Commas

Ohhhh, commas, you tricky things. I’ve got you covered with Boom cards for commas in a series and commas in a series, date, and address.

comma Boom cards for revising writing practice

Adjectives vs Adverbs

Understanding adjectives versus adverbs is definitely one of the harder skills for students to grasp.

Boom cards for punctuation and grammar

Avoiding Double Negatives

If your students are using double negatives in their writing, this Boom deck will be great to work into your writing workshop.

double negatives practice with digital task cards

Nouns and Pronouns

Plenty of people have trouble with using pronouns correctly, so it’s definitely one to practice!

noun and pronoun review for 4th grade

Another bonus with Boom cards is that they’re great TEI skills practice, too!

New to Boom? The links above will take you to a free 4-card preview of each deck so you can check them out!

And to learn more about getting started with Boom cards, skim this quick blog post!

I hope these digital editing writing activities make it easier for you to plan your lessons as you’re teaching the different genres and forms of writing to your 4th and 5th grade students! Are there any more writing-related resources you’d like to see in my shop? Let me know!

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