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4 Classroom Decorations You Need for Open House

July 26, 2023 No Comments

Decorating the classroom for the new school year was always one of my favorite things to do as a teacher. That said, it can also be stressful to get everything looking ready in time for an Open House or Meet the Teacher event. While it’s completely fine to have blank walls, I also personally like having a few things up to make the classroom more inviting (and somewhere I want to spend time)!

In this post, I wanted to share some classroom decorations to have on your walls when you welcome your new students and their families – and some things you don’t need to worry about before school starts.

Must-Have Classroom Wall Decor

Required Posters

Any posters your school requires you to display should of course be on the walls. Think fire drill folder, evacuation map, and school rules. If you’re new to your school, you might want to check with your team or office staff to see what needs to be posted.

Welcome Sign or Message

As a parent, I personally love going to Open House and seeing a welcome message displayed front and center. This can be as simple as a quick letter written on the whiteboard! These welcome signs are a great option if you’re looking for something low-prep and colorful!

welcome signs for students are great to display during your school's Open House or Meet the Teacher event

Daily Schedule

Your students and their families are going to want to know what a typical day looks like – especially when lunch and recess are! I definitely recommend posting your daily schedule if you have that information.

Year-long Anchor Charts and Posters

I’m all for functional decor when it comes to classroom decorations. Basic reference anchor charts and posters that you know you’ll use all year are great to have up for your Meet the Teacher event. Here are some examples:

Again, empty space is a good thing – you’ll fill it with anchor charts and student work soon!

classroom decorations for elementary grades can be functional as well as cute

Classroom Decorations You Can Skip If Needed

Here are a few other things to put up on your walls if you have the time, but aren’t worth stressing over!

“Student Work Coming” Sign

I think signs or banners that say “student work coming” are cute but totally unnecessary if you’re short on time. I think most parents understand that the walls will be filled once the school year starts, so I wouldn’t worry about this one.

Other Extras

A monthly calendar, lunch count display, and classroom job signs are examples of other things that don’t need to be up yet. I’d also add class rules to this list, especially if you plan to have your students write them with you.

It’s also okay to not put anything up on your word walls and focus walls. Heading signs are great but you don’t even need that right now!

There’s so much to do to prep your classroom for Open House! I hope this list gives you some ideas of what to prioritize getting laminated and hung on the walls and what can wait a little longer. Let me know what other classroom decorations are must-haves for your Meet the Teacher event!

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