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Engaging Halloween Math Activities

October 5, 2021 1 Comment

If you teach elementary students, then you know October can be one of the craziest months of the year. Students seem to get the Halloween sillies weeks before the 31st! Why not join in the fun with purposeful Halloween math activities that actually keep your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students engaged in learning?

There are TONS of ways to incorporate Halloween into your math lessons, from place value and fractions to patterns and even geometry! I’ve got some fun math activities to share with you to keep the rigor and the attention this October!

Hands-on Halloween Math Activities

It’s time to get creative with a bag of candy or a few cheap decorations from the dollar store! Here are a few low-prep activities to try:

  • practice multiplication and division facts with candy corn

  • survey students and create a graph to display everyone’s favorite candy

  • create candy patterns

  • model fractions with skittles

  • conduct probability experiments with a bag of M&Ms

  • use candy to create geometric transformations

  • make 2D and 3D geometric figures with candy pumpkins and toothpicks

  • estimate and measure candy length and mass

  • have students create decimal word problems from print ads from grocery, party, and costume stores

All of these activities can be pretty easy to set up but still provide high engagement.

Better yet, I’ve got some Halloween math activities that are already done for you!

Halloween Multiplication Boom Cards

Have you tried Boom cards yet? Students don’t even realize they’re learning while using these digital Halloween multiplication task cards!

This set is a fun way to get students practicing their multiplication facts all through the month of October.

iPad with Boom cards to practice multiplication facts to 50

Halloween Multistep Word Problems

If your students are like mine, they need consistent practice solving multistep word problems. These Halloween two-step word problem task cards are actually fun for students to complete!

You can use these task cards as an entrance or exit ticket each day leading up to Halloween! Or you can have students use them independently or in small groups during your math workshop.

math notebook with Halloween-themed 2-step word problem task card

Halloween Color by Number Worksheets

Color-by-code worksheets are another fun way for students to practice math skills and strategies you’ve been teaching. I promise you that “big kids” in the upper grades love to color just as much as first graders!

These activities help students review decimal place value, rounding decimals to the nearest whole number, and determining equivalent decimals and fractions. And the Halloween theme keeps them engaged!

Halloween color by number activities for decimals

I hope your students love completing these Halloween math activities during the craziness that is October! If you need some ideas for Halloween reading activities, you’ll want to check out this post!

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  • Dakota Pilcher October 20, 2021 at 7:14 am

    It’s fantastic! Thank you very much for making this instruction available.

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