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6 Ways to Use Math Sticky Note Templates

June 27, 2022 No Comments
math sticky note ideas

Nobody loves sticky notes like teachers, am I right? There are so many fun ways to use them in the classroom and especially your math lessons. But if you didn’t know that you can actually print on sticky notes, you’re missing out!

I promise you that printing on math sticky note templates is easy! You just place sticky notes on the template page, put it in the printer or copier, and print the page you want. You can print math reference notes or templates to practice specific skills.

Math sticky notes are great for engagement and for supporting student learning. Here are some ways you might use them in your classroom!

use printable math sticky note templates to support learning

Small Group Practice

If you meet with small groups, printed sticky notes are a great way to support the skills you’re teaching! Students love the bright colors and being able to solve problems somewhere other than whiteboards and worksheets. Instant motivation!

And you can choose exactly the templates each group needs so they have targeted support.

One-on-One Reteaching

It’s really helpful to grab some math sticky notes when you need to do some one-on-one conferencing. A reference sticky note makes a great little anchor chart when you reteach a particular skill or strategy. And then you can grab a few notes for them to practice those skills back at their seats!

math sticky notes are great for remediation and reteaching

Math Centers

Another nice option is to have a binder or folder of sticky notes that students can access independently during math centers or rotations. That way, they have scaffolded tools nearby when they’re playing games or using task cards. And you can just store them right by your math manipulatives.

Quick Checks

Sticky notes are awesome for quick assessment! They work well for entrance and exit tickets, a mid-lesson check-in, or even a quick pre-test. They’re also perfect for math warm-up problems in interactive notebooks.

My printable math sticky notes set also includes several templates for self-assessment and reflection! I love these for practice with math talk and critical thinking.

I love using math sticky note templates for quick assessment with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders

Absent Folders

If you have a missed work bin or folder system for students who are absent, these are a perfect addition! It’s so nice for them to be able to grab some sticky notes for a little extra support as they’re catching up.

Send Them Home

Math sticky notes can be sent home, too! It’s so easy to stick a reference note onto a homework page if a student needs more practice with a skill.

Since many of the templates are scaffolded, they give students a bit more support as they solve problems. They’re great to add to study guides or parent notes sheets.

you can print mini anchor charts on sticky notes for easy reference

Printing Tip

Sometimes you don’t have the time to print on sticky notes, or maybe you’re running short on your stockpile. The great news is that these templates look awesome on white and colored paper, too! You can even laminate them and throw them on a ring for another helpful math tool.

If you’re looking for math sticky note templates for grades 3-5, you can grab my ready-to-go sets below! Let me know what other fun ways you use printable math sticky notes in your classroom!

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