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The Math SOL Review Game You’ll Love

April 25, 2022 No Comments
reviewing for math SOL test with critical thinking activity

When it comes to math SOL test prep, I’m all about using a mix of activities to meet students’ needs and preferences. Along with printable worksheets and task cards, I like using digital games to engage students. I especially love activities that challenge students to think deeper about the math standards they’ve learned.

My digital math “odd one out” games do just that! And they’re aligned to the Virginia SOLs!

In these interactive digital review activities, which work right in Google Slides™, students compare 4 answer choices and decide which answer doesn’t belong.

4th grade math SOL review game that incorporates critical thinking skills

I created these resources to solve a few problems:

  • needing a review activity that can be used with any device, anytime, anywhere
  • wanting kids to review a mix of skills and standards in one activity
  • finding a way to make test prep engaging with a little extra challenge

How Do You Play?

The game is played right in Google Slides™. Each question has four choices. Students compare the choices and decide which one doesn’t belong. That gives them practice identifying connections among answers while they review content from across the math curriculum.

When they click on an answer choice, they get immediate feedback: either “You Got It” or “Try Again.”

I love using interactive digital activities for elementary math SOL test prep

If you’re completing this activity in a group or whole class, you can have students justify their answer choices aloud. That way, they get practice verbalizing their thinking and using “math talk.”

This activity comes with an answer key explaining why each answer is correct. Some students may find additional correct answers that could be the odd one out, which is awesome!

Watch this video of the fourth grade game to see how it works!

How Can You Use This Activity?

This no-prep game can be used throughout the year for spiral review or for your spring math SOL test prep:

  • whole class review game (play in teams, play against the teacher, etc.)
  • partner activity
  • math SOL test prep station
  • math warm-up question
  • exit ticket
  • pre-assessment

I hope this post helped give you a better idea of how this “Odd One Out” math SOL review game works. Let me know in the comments how else you like to bring critical thinking into your math test prep!

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