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Math SOL Review Made Easy with Boom Cards

April 4, 2023 No Comments
blog post by Alyssa Teaches

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re a Virginia teacher, tutor, or homeschooler looking for some ideas for math SOL review activities you can use with your students.

Task cards, scavenger hunts, sorts, and worksheets are all awesome for SOL test prep, but my all-time favorite resource to recommend is Boom cards.

What Are Boom Cards?

Boom cards are digital task cards that are used on the Boom Learning™ website.

To complete the task cards, students use TEI skills like drag-and-drop, selecting multiple-choice answers, and typing in text boxes.

Why are Boom cards awesome? Because they are no prep for you, they are interactive and engaging, and they provide students immediate feedback.

Boom cards are an interactive way to review math SOLs

Plus, there are tons of ways to use them. You can assign them to students individually to track progress or use them in small math groups or for whole class review. They work on any device, so they’re pretty versatile.

While you can find Boom cards for any subject (and even make your own), there are lots that specifically support the Virginia Math Standards of Learning. Each deck includes a 4-card preview so you can get a good sense of how it all works!

And bonus, if you are new to Boom, you can receive a 10% discount when you sign up for a membership! {affiliate ad}

Where to Find Math SOL Review Boom Cards

I LOVE creating Boom cards, and you know I’m all about creating resources that support Virginia teachers, so I’ve made tons of Boom cards for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade math SOLs.

SOL Review Decks

In my Boom shop, you can find math decks that you can use for a short review of each standard (with some similar standards grouped together). Most decks have about 10-15 questions each.

For example, the deck for Math SOL 4.1 covers place value, comparing and ordering, and rounding.

These sets work great for quick checks so you can easily assess students’ understanding as you get closer to testing season. You can also use them for pre-tests, warm-ups, assessment, and much more.

4th grade math sol review activities are easy to plan with Boom cards

You can choose individual decks, or you can grab the bundle and save 20%.

SOL Decks

I’ve also created Boom cards that break down the different parts of the SOLs for more in-depth practice.

So for example, for Math SOL 4.1, there are 4 separate decks for place value, written and standard form, comparing/ordering, and rounding numbers.

These comprehensive bundles contain many more decks than the ones above (55 in the 4th grade bundle and 31 in the 5th grade bundle).

math SOL 5th grade test prep activity

These are perfect to use to target specific skills that your class needs more practice with. You can use them with strategy groups and one-a-day review. And they’re great to use throughout the year for practice, too!

To see all the Boom cards in my shop, click here! And if you prefer to shop on TpT, you can find them here as well!

When it comes to math SOL review prep, I’m all about using a combination of activities to help your students succeed. These interactive, digital math Boom cards are an awesome choice because they’re SOL-aligned, FUN to use, and they mean no extra work for you! Let me know what questions you have about Boom cards in the comments!

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