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5 Awesome Patterns Activities for Grade 4

February 28, 2024 No Comments
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By fourth grade, kids are pretty familiar with patterns – increasing, decreasing, repeating, etc. But when you involve larger numbers, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals, it gets quite a bit more challenging! Today on the blog, I’m sharing some of my favorite activities to help fourth graders practice identifying, creating, and extending patterns.

These patterns activities for grade 4 students cover both geometric and numerical patterns with whole numbers. And as always, they are standards-based! (For my Virginia friends, we’re talking Math SOL 4.15 or 4.PFA.1).

Numerical Patterns Activities for Grade 4

Virginia Math SOL 4.PFA.1 practice

If you’re looking for a packet that has everything patterns, this is your one-stop-shop. This resource is perfect to introduce, practice, and even assess increasing and decreasing number patterns. We’re talking:

  • anchor charts
  • interactive notebook templates
  • sorting activity
  • worksheets
  • “I have, who has” class game
  • matching puzzles

The 25+ pages provide lots of differentiated practice identifying and extending patterns with addition, subtraction, and multiplication of whole numbers – including in-and-out tables and word problems.

patterns activities for grade 4

This resource is a HUGE timesaver and is great to use during your patterns unit, to leave for a substitute, or to bring back out when it’s time to review for that spring math test.

While the activities focus on whole numbers, I also added 3 pages of patterns with fractions and decimals. These are really helpful if you have students who need a bit of extension.

Digital Patterns Activities

If you’re looking for digital practice, I’ve got you covered! These Google Slides activities include number patterns as well as geometric patterns, which challenge students in a different way.

These comprehensive, interactive digital slides are perfect for whole-class review, math groups, test prep, and homework! Bonus, students will get TEI skills practice by showing answers through typing and moving objects.

patterns activities google slides

And they’ll review lots of skills when it comes to patterns, like naming the rule, duplicating a rule, completing tables and function machines, extending patterns, and even creating them, too.

This activity is super easy to share with your students and fun for them to complete!

Patterns Task Cards

I always love a good set of task cards to review math skills. They’re easy to incorporate into different games and they provide a lot of practice in a small amount of space!

These printable patterns task cards have 20 problems. They’re great for students to use whenever you want them to practice working on those geometric and numeric patterns.

geometric and numeric patterns task cards

This task card set includes a color version, an ink-friendly version, a student answer sheet, and an answer key.

I love these for a unit review before wrapping up a patterns unit, but they’re also another great activity to bring out when it’s getting closer to spring testing time.

Patterns Boom Cards

Finally, I’m a huge fan of using Boom digital task cards to review any math skill.

These self-checking task cards are engaging for students, easy to assign and use, include TEI skills practice, and make it easy to monitor how students are getting the concept. Total win!

boom cards patterns

Check out these targeted Boom card decks that your students can use to review patterns:

All of the links above give you a 4-card preview of the deck so you can try them out!

Number Patterns Scavenger Hunt Task Cards

Finally, if you’re looking to make math review activities more engaging, I love scavenger hunt task cards!

This activity is an easy, low-prep way to get kids moving around the room. It works just like traditional task cards, but the cards are unnumbered. Students start at any card around the room and loop through the cards until they get back to the original one. Self-checking activities for the win!

number patterns with whole number addition, subtraction, and multiplication Virginia 4.PF.A.1

This scavenger hunt activity is perfect for reviewing increasing and decreasing patterns with whole numbers. In-and-out tables and contextual problems are included, too!

When number patterns start to get more challenging in 4th and 5th grade, it’s helpful to have a variety of activities to help students practice. I hope you’ve found some patterns activities for grade 4 students that you’re excited to use in your classroom!

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