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Using Place Value Boom Cards in 3rd and 4th Grade

September 13, 2023 No Comments
blog post by Alyssa Teaches

Boom, there it is! Place value Boom Learning digital task cards are an engaging, no-prep way to review skills like number sense, comparing and ordering numbers, and rounding numbers. Let’s dig into using place value Boom cards for whole numbers in 3rd and 4th grade!

Using Boom Cards in Your Classroom

Boom cards are self-checking digital task cards available on the Boom Learning website. They’re super easy to access and use, and I hear all the time from teachers how much students love using them.

What I love most about Boom cards is that they’re interactive, so they’re great for practicing TEI skills like drag and drop, typing in a text box, and selecting a multiple-choice answer.

Boom cards are such a nice break from worksheets! They’re actually fun for students to review place value and practice comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers.

There are TONS of ways you can use Boom cards in your math lessons! Pre-tests, mini-lessons, independent practice, small group work, reteaching, enrichment, test prep…

if you need new place value review activities for 3rd and 4th grade, you'll love Boom cards!

Where to Find Boom Cards

There are TONS of Boom card decks available in the Boom store, as well as on TpT.

And you can also create your own Boom card decks right inside the platform as well!

If you want to save time, read on to learn about the whole number place value Boom cards that I’ve created. All of them support the Virginia Math SOLs, but can work in any classroom!

And every deck in my Boom shop includes a free 4-card preview so you can see how it works.

3rd Grade Place Value Boom Cards

boom learning task cards for 3rd grade place value review

My number sense Boom cards cover the following 3rd grade skills for whole numbers:

  • read, write, and identify the place and value of each digit in a six-digit whole number
  • round whole numbers (9,999 or less) to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand
  • compare and order whole numbers (9,999 or less)

This deck includes 15 questions and makes it easy to assess students’ understanding of these skills.

Find it in my Boom Learning store here!

4th Grade Place Value Boom Cards


For 4th grade, I’ve created decks that target specific skills. Students will practice how to:

  • read, write, and identify the place and value of each digit in a nine-digit whole number
  • compare and order whole numbers (through the millions place)
  • round whole numbers (through the millions place) to the nearest thousand, ten thousand, and hundred thousand
Alyssa Teaches boom cards for place value review
review written and standard form of numbers
comparing and ordering Boom cards
SOL 4.1 boom cards
place value boom cards by Alyssa Teaches
math SOL 4.1 review task cards

The whole number place value bundle is a great way to save!

Boom cards really are worth the hype! These place value Boom cards make it easy and fun for students to review important number sense skills throughout the year. Let me know what questions you have about using Boom digital task cards with your students!

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