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5 Awesome Place Value Review Activities for 4th Grade

August 15, 2022 No Comments
activities to review place value with 4th grade students

We all know how important it is for students to grasp place value! But when it comes to place value review activities, kids get tired of the same old worksheets year after year – and so do we!

Place value concepts are way more fun to review with interactive activities that include games, movement, and more.

Check out these 5 picks for place value review activities your 4th graders are sure to love!

Scavenger Hunt

I’m always a fan of review activities that get kids moving. And what’s more fun than a scavenger hunt?

I love fun place value review activities that get 4th graders moving around the room!

To set it up, you just display the task cards around the room. Each student starts at a different card. When they solve the question, they move to the card with that answer at the top, and they keep playing until they get back to the original card.

One of my favorite parts of this scavenger hunt activity is that students get immediate feedback. If they can’t find a card with the answer they got, they know they need to try it again. But even more, I love the opportunity for movement in math class!

Place Value Boom Cards

Digital Boom cards = instant student engagement. They feel like a game, but they’re still a rigorous review of those important number sense concepts!

This no-prep Boom cards bundle helps students review written and standard form, identifying place value, comparing and ordering, and rounding numbers.

Boom cards are an engaging way for 4th graders to review number sense

These digital task cards work really well for students to work on in math stations, but you can also display them on your Smartboard or whiteboard and solve them as a class.

Place Value War

This partner game is one of the easiest activities to review comparing numbers. Students take turns drawing numbered cards from a pile. They lay them out to make a number to the millions place (or whatever place you want them to practice). Whoever builds the higher number wins.

So fun and easy to play a few quick rounds, and all you need is the number cards (playing cards work great). You can also do this with number tiles on a place value chart – still fun!

Digital Place Value Review

When it comes to using technology in math workshop, I love activities that get kids using TEI skills like drag-and-drop and typing answers.

Using a math problem of the day is perfect for place value review for 4th grade

This digital place value review activity is a great way for students to review number sense, comparing, ordering, and rounding right in Google Slides. Each slide only has 1 question so it’s not overwhelming!

And it does have a printable worksheet option as well.

Place Value Word Problems

One more must-have activity to keep place value skills fresh is this set of word problems! They’re awesome for spiral review of number sense all year long.

You can use the whole set at once, or use one each day. They’re great for a quick math warmup question or exit ticket. You can also pair them with a board game for an instant center.

Word problems are a good way to work in spiral review for Math SOL 4.1 practice

They cover all the number sense skills 4th graders need to know, PLUS they’re great practice with reading word problems, which can be tricky for so many students.

Place value review activities don’t have to be boring! There are easy ways you can involve partner work, movement, games, and even art to breathe more life into your math review! I hope you’ve found some ideas here you’re excited to try with your fourth grade students.

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