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Reading SOL Practice Passages for 4th Grade

February 15, 2023 No Comments
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I know how hard it can be to find reading SOL passages for instruction and test prep. As a fourth grade teacher, I spent hours writing texts and questions to try to give my students something new and engaging to practice with. So when I started creating resources for Virginia teachers, reading SOL practice passages were at the top of my list.

Let’s take a look at comprehension passages you can use to help prepare 4th grade students for the spring reading SOL test!

Finding Passages for Reading SOL Practice

Released SOL tests are a good place to start, but if you’re sick of the same old examples or you need more options, I’ve created no-prep reading SOL practice passages for fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, nonfiction, and functional text!

Each passage includes a printable version and a digital version in Google Slides so that you have options for how you can use them in your classroom.

digital reading SOL practice helps students feel comfortable with TEI skills

And each one has 8-10 comprehension questions that focus on the reading standards along with word analysis strategies (SOL 4.4). The questions are aligned to the SOLs to help students see what kinds of questions they can expect on the spring test!

Just some of the high-interest topics include the history of animal crackers, a biography of Gertrude Ederle (the first woman to swim the English Channel), and the story of a group of kids who use teamwork to solve a ropes course challenge.

These are fantastic passages that have worked exceptionally well with my students! Great variety of questions to give them practice before the SOL test! Thank you! – Traci

Using a Practice Reading SOL Test

I’ve also created a printable mock reading test that includes 4 passages along with stand-alone word analysis questions. This is really helpful to use as a test prep packet but you can also use the individual passages during the year.

A reading SOL practice test is perfect for spring test prep

Preparing for the Spring Reading SOL Test

Reading passages are a must-have for spring SOL test prep. You can use them in the weeks leading up to the test for independent practice, strategy groups, and whole-class review activities.

You can also pair them with board games, turn them into a gallery walk, or use them as part of a classroom transformation, like a glow day.

The digital version of the passages are great to work on TEI skills and practice reading a text and questions on a screen.

each 4th grade reading SOL practice passage comes in print and digital versions

Using Reading SOL Practice Passages All Year

These aren’t just for SOL review! Here are some ways you can use these passages year-round:

  • reading groups
  • reading unit review, assessment, and remediation
  • reading strategy checks/practice
  • beginning-of-the-year assessment
  • mid-year local assessment review
  • standards-based holiday activities
  • progress monitoring
  • literacy stations
  • sub plans
  • fluency practice
  • genre review
  • tutoring

Where to Find More Passages

If you’re short on time to teach other content areas, check out these cross-curricular options that cover Virginia Studies and Science SOLs!

And I also love these holiday reading passages!

reading passages are a great way to hit science and Virginia Studies SOLs

As I mentioned, you can also use released SOL tests as well as passages from other states’ tests. Many times the skills will overlap, though you may have to rewrite some questions. But that’s always an option!

I know that preparing for the 4th grade Reading SOL test can be a LOT of work. I hope that these passages help save you time so that you can take care of other things on your to-do list!

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