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Top Must-Have Resources to Teach SOL 4.7 Oceans

February 21, 2024 No Comments
Alyssa Teaches blog post

I LOVE the 4th grade Virginia science SOLs because students learn so much about the physical word and its plants, animals, and ecosystems. The oceans unit is no exception! But content like ocean floor features and the components of ocean water can be tricky for 4th graders. Let’s get into some must-have resources to teach SOL 4.7 to make planning easier for you and understanding easier for your students!

Oceans Word Wall and Posters

My top recommendation for teaching any fourth grade science SOL is to make a word wall or content wall. This is a great way to support vocabulary and content!

These oceans word wall cards and posters make it super easy to review those tricky vocabulary terms that come with SOL 4.7.

oceans 4.7 word wall posters

The word wall cards come in 2 versions: one with definitions and one without. That gives you lots of options for how you use the cards – including review games!

The oceans posters are great not only to use like anchor charts but also to add to interactive science notebooks, folders, or study guides. They have lots of visuals to help reinforce content and they are HUGE time-savers for teachers!

Oceans Flip Book

We all know that taking notes can be rough in the elementary grades. That’s why I love using flip books! Students can fill in the blanks, add notes, and draw pictures as you work through your oceans unit. And then everything is contained in one place!

For SOL 4.7, I’ve created a printable flip book and a digital version in Google Slides. I love the digital option for practicing TEI skills like drag and drop and, of course, typing!

oceans flip book for Virginia SOL 4.7

Oceans Reading Comprehension Passages

I’m a huge fan of cross-curricular activities! There are so many great ways you can bring your oceans unit into language arts, math, and even social studies!


These oceans reading comprehension passages with questions support and extend the content in the science standards. Best of all, they help students work on skills from the reading SOLs from comprehension to word analysis. Two birds, one stone!

This comprehensive passage set includes 4 texts in both a printable and digital version: functional text, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. The passages are high-interest and all of the questions support the reading SOLs you’re already teaching!

Digital SOL 4.7 Oceans Activities

If you’re new to teaching this standard, it can be a lot to plan. Having a no-prep presentation makes it so much easier to teach the content!

SOL 4.7 oceans digital activities 4th grade

This set of digital oceans activities walks students through everything they need to know for the oceans SOL. And it’s interactive, with places to type, move objects, and interact with videos and other websites.

This is super helpful to have on hand for whole-group instruction, to leave with a substitute teacher, or to have students work on at their own pace.

Reviewing for an Oceans Test or the 5th Grade Science SOL Test

When it comes to science SOL review, I love creating a variety of different activities. Here are some of the low-prep resources that teachers love using to review SOL 4.7:


I’ve also made an oceans quiz that you can use for review or assessment! It comes in a printable version and a Google Form if you want to go digital.

As always, everything is aligned to the SOLs and designed to save you time!

More Oceans Resources

Another must-have I want to recommend is Google Earth! You probably can’t take your students on a field trip to the ocean like Ms. Frizzle, but exploring Google Earth and underwater mapping is a great way to support students with this standard.

Finally, if you need some recommendations for books for your oceans unit, I’ve got you covered!

I hope this post helped you find some time-saving resources you can use to teach and review the SOL 4.7 oceans unit!

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