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3rd Grade Summer Math SOL Review Packet (SOL 3.NS.1 - SOL 3.CE.2)

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This third grade summer-themed math review packet makes practicing math skills engaging for students and easy for you! These fun worksheets and games are a great way for students to review number sense and operations for whole numbers and fractions. These printable activities work well for spiral review, summer school, test prep, and even back-to-school review for 4th graders.

What's Included:

  • 20 skills-based worksheets
  • 3 mixed review worksheets
  • 3 games (easily played in the classroom or at home)
  • 1 color-by-code worksheet
  • answer keys

Students will:

  • read and write 6-digit numbers in standard, expanded, and word form
  • identify the place and value for each digit in a 6-digit number
  • compose/decompose and represent numbers up to 9,999
  • compare and order whole numbers up to 9,999
  • name, represent, and compose/decompose fractions and mixed numbers
  • compare fractions and/or mixed numbers
  • represent equivalent fractions
  • determine the value of a collection of bills and coins ($5 or less)
  • compare two sets of bills and coins ($5 or less)
  • make change from $5
  • estimate sums and differences of whole numbers
  • add and subtract whole numbers (including word problems)
  • identify equal/unequal expressions
  • represent multiplication and division through 10 x 10
  • practice fluency with multiplication facts through 10 x 10 (and the corresponding division facts)
  • create equivalent expressions using multiplication/division facts

How can you use these pages?

  • morning work
  • small group practice
  • math stations
  • end-of-year test review
  • send home with students who need extra practice over the summer
  • use as part of your summer school curriculum
  • use for review at the beginning of the year with 4th graders

Standards: 2023 Virginia Math SOL 3.NS.1, 3.NS.2, 3.NS.3, 3.NS.4, 3.CE.1, and 3.CE.2

Recommended Grade Levels: 3, 4

Number of Pages: 52 (24 are answer keys)

What Teachers Are Saying:

"This was very helpful to send home with students for summer learning. I have also used it in summer school. I love the ease of it and the way it suits the season!" - Michelle

"This was a great resource for test prep. It was print and go and really allowed me to see what my students remembered from early on in the year and what we still need to spend some practice time on." - Amanda

"Amazing product for my students! I love how amazing the content was aligned to what I was teaching! Thank you so much!!!" - Katrina

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