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4th Grade Emergency Substitute Plans for Virginia Teachers

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It's no fun scrambling to write sub plans at the last minute. This 4th grade emergency sub plan packet includes everything you need for 2+ days of plans. Printable and digital Virginia SOL-aligned activities are included so that you can be prepared when the unexpected happens.
Students won't need any additional resources to complete these activities. Each worksheet also includes directions that you can copy and paste into your preferred sub plan template to save you time.
These pages also work great as spiral SOL review in the event that you don't have any unexpected absences!
Find print-and-go, standards-based worksheets for:
  • morning work
  • word analysis
  • reading (nonfiction and poetry)
  • writing (persuasive letter and paragraph)
  • grammar and punctuation
  • math (place value, word problems, patterns, and multiplication facts)
  • science (natural resources, habitats, experiments, and human impact)
  • Virginia Studies (timeline and map reviews, decision-making model, and event analysis)
What's included:
  • 23 printable pages
  • 22 digital pages in Google Slides™
  • activity directions you can copy and paste into your sub plans
  • 6 bonus pages for your substitute folder (folder cover, substitute feedback form, and printable sticky note templates)

Recommended Grade Levels: 4, 5

Number of Pages: 45

Supports: selected 4th grade Virginia SOLs

What Teachers Are Saying:

"While I am lucky that I have not needed to use this resource with my students, it has allowed me to relax about worrying that I'll need to be out at the last minute. I've put a copy of the resources in my emergency sub folder for someone to copy, if needed. But, I also love that I can assign them digitally if I'm out and still feel like assigning them, to save paper. Thanks for another great SOL aligned resource!" - Cathleen

"These were great to leave for an emergency. The students were able to review previously learned material while being engaged." - Julie

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