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4th Grade Summer Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Packet

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Nonfiction reading strategies are easy to review with this fourth-grade summer-themed packet! Use some or all of the pages for summer school, for spiral review throughout the year, or as part of your spring test prep! This low-prep resource is perfect for teachers wanting to support students working on informational text reading skills. And all of the pages have a fun summer theme!

These passages work well for reading groups, independent practice, homework assignments, test prep, and even assessment. They are intended to provide rigorous practice; some students may benefit from having small group support.

What's included?

  • 10 half-page graphic organizers that can be paired with any nonfiction text
  • 9 worksheets that focus on one reading strategy at a time
  • nonfiction passage about surfing and 6 comprehension questions
  • functional text (flier) and 6 comprehension questions
  • answer keys

What reading strategies are covered?

  • use text features
  • explain the author’s purpose
  • identify the topic and main idea
  • summarize supporting details
  • draw conclusions/make inferences
  • identify cause and effect relationships
  • differentiate between fact and opinion
  • monitor comprehension

How can you use these pages?

  • end-of-year test review
  • send home with students who need extra practice over the summer
  • use as part of your summer school curriculum
  • use for review at the beginning of the year with fifth graders
  • use for literacy stations, warmups, and homework

Recommended Grade Levels: 4, 5

Number of Pages: 35

Supported Standards: 2017 Virginia Reading SOL 4.6

What Teachers Are Saying:

"Fantastic resource for remediation and SOL prep! Easy prep and covers all the reading standards very well" - Lauren M.

"My students have need extra practice on nonfiction strands and this resource has been perfect to review with!" - Madison D.

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