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5th Grade Math SOL Pre-Assessments in Google Forms™

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Looking for a way to quickly gauge students’ understanding of math concepts? This digital resource contains 13 self-grading, standards-based pre-assessments that students can use to show their knowledge of the Virginia 5th Grade math curriculum through Google Forms™. These time-saving quizzes give you the data you need without the paper mess!

Use these pre-tests at the beginning of the year or before each math unit to quickly and easily assess your students’ strengths and areas of growth - or use one for an assessment, entrance/exit ticket, review activity, classwork activity, or homework assignment! This is a super helpful tool for planning math units, especially if you use grouping or guided math!
How do these work?
You will receive links to 13 separate pre-assessments in Google Forms. You can edit the Forms as needed and then send a link to your students. Students simply open the Forms and answer the multiple-choice questions. Once they submit their work, Google Forms automatically collects and grades their responses for you!
Skills covered include:
  • number sense (decimals; fractions; prime, composite, odd, and even numbers)
  • computation and estimation (whole numbers; fractions; decimals; order of operations)
  • measurement (perimeter, area, volume; metric equivalencies; elapsed time)
  • geometry (circles; angles; triangles; transformations; combining/subdividing polygons)
  • probability
  • graphs and data
  • number patterns
  • variables

What's Included?

  • step-by-step tutorial explaining how to use and share the pre-assessments
  • 13 pre-made multiple choice digital pre-assessments in Google Forms (ranging from 3-11 questions each, for a total of 90+ questions)
Please note that you will need an internet connection, a laptop or tablet, and a Google account to access and use the Forms.
This resource supports the 2016 Virginia Math SOLs. As standards are updated, the Forms will likewise be revised.
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