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5th Grade Virginia Math SOL Review Worksheets

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When it comes to SOL math test review, you know you need standards-based, rigorous, and cumulative review activities. This set of math SOL review worksheets hits all the 5th grade SOLs. These are great to use throughout the year for unit review or spiral review or to save for math SOL test prep.

Most standards have a 1-2 page worksheet with anywhere from 6-14 questions. Standards for measurement and for geometry are grouped together.

Questions include multiple choice, TEI-like items, matching, free response, and more. Each worksheet also includes a short self-assessment section for students to reflect on their grasp of the major skills that are covered.

What's Included:

  • 13 standards-based worksheets (21 pages)
  • teacher answer key (21 pages)

Recommended Grade Levels: 5, 6

Number of Pages: 42

Supported Standards: 2016 5th grade Virginia Math SOLs

What Teachers Are Saying:

"These review pages were SO helpful preparing for SOLs. They were great to supplement review and provide opportunities for students to test their knowledge." - Kayci

"My students made connections from this resource with practice SOL questions and were thankful for the reflection pieces as well! It prepared them for the SOL!" - Brittany

"I used this as a quick review for students prior to to taking their unit assessment. It was the perfect amount of review without taking too long. This will be great to use when it comes time to review for SOL testing." - M. I.

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