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Digital 5th Grade Math SOL Review Game

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Product Details

5th grade math SOL review is fun for students and easy for you with this digital, self-checking game you can use right in Google Slides™! These standards-based review questions are a great way to review the Virginia fifth Grade math SOLs and practice critical thinking at the same time!

25 questions are included, representing a variety of math content. You can play this interactive game as a class as part of your SOL test prep activities or use just the question slides for critical thinking warmups and exit tickets.

To play the game, you'll display the Slides in “present” mode. Each question includes 4 choices, one of which does not fit. Students should click on the choice that doesn’t belong. If they’re correct, a “You Got It” slide will appear, with an arrow to click to go to the next question. If they’re wrong, they will be prompted to try again.

What's Included:

  • 77 interactive digital Google Slides™
  • teacher answer key
  • step-by-step instructions explaining how to access the slides and share them with your students

Recommended Grade Level: 5

Number of Slides: 77 + answer key

Supported Standards: 2016 5th Grade Virginia Math SOLs

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