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Digital Decimal Place Value Activities

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Product Details

If you are looking for more ways to integrate interactive technology activities into your math lessons, this comprehensive resource is for you. These Google Classroom™-ready slides are perfect for instruction, review, and practice of place value of decimals.

Students can use these standards-based digital activities in Google Drive™ or Microsoft OneDrive™. They will engage with the slides by typing answers to questions and clicking and dragging objects.

These activities are great to use during a decimals unit or even for test review at the end of the year! Best of all, it's no prep for you; no lost papers for them!

What Skills Are Covered?

  • reading, writing, representing, and identifying decimals through the thousandths place
  • identifying the position and value of a decimal through the thousandths place
  • identifying equivalent decimals
  • relating equivalent decimals and fractions

What's Included:

  • learning goals slide
  • self-assessment slide based on the learning goals
  • 40 instructional/practice slides
  • 3 cumulative review slides
  • practice slide for students new to Google Slides
  • teacher answer key
  • PDF with step-by-step instructions explaining how to access the slides and share them with your students

Who Is This For?

This resource is for any teacher, parent, guardian, or tutor wanting to teach and review decimal place value. These slides can be used during regular classroom instruction, as part of a flipped classroom, or for remote learning.

What Do I Need to Use This?

  • internet connection
  • device
  • Google account

Is This Resource Editable?

While you can move the text boxes around the screen, the slides themselves are not editable. However, you can add or remove slides as needed.

"What a great way to go over all of the important parts of decimals. The warm up of discussing decimals was so helpful. This lended itself nicely to students working a their own pace. Thank you!" - Angela

Recommended Grade Levels: 4, 5

Number of Slides: 46

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