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Digital Watersheds Activities

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Are your students ready to learn about watersheds and their importance? They can use this digital resource right in Google Slides to learn about and review watersheds. This no-prep, interactive resource is a great addition to a science unit on the water cycle, ecosystems, or natural resources!

Students will complete the 16 slides by accessing websites, reading short passages, typing answers to questions, and moving objects.

Slide contents include:

  • defining water terms (i.e., groundwater, surface water, tributaries)
  • learning what a watershed is and how it is shaped
  • identifying the role of wetlands in watersheds
  • exploring U.S. watersheds (including the Chesapeake Bay Watershed)
  • learning about healthy watersheds and water quality
  • finding your local watershed
  • brainstorming ways to take care of your watershed
  • completing review questions
  • creating a media message about watersheds

What's Included:

  • 16 interactive slides
  • teacher answer key
  • step-by-step tutorial explaining how to share the resource with your students (both for Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive)

Recommended Grade Levels: 4, 5, 6

Number of Slides: 16

Supported Standards: 2018 Virginia Science SOL 4.8

What Teachers Are Saying:

"Probably the best resource I have ever bought for science. My students have truly enjoyed learning about watersheds this way! Most of all, they are demonstrating a true understanding of what a watershed is and they are able to verbalize with examples and vocabulary. Thank you so much!" - Jacqueline

"Distance learning was a challenge and this lightened the load! Everything that students need is already there. My students were able to complete this with minimal help." - Heather

"This is a fantastic resource! The kids thoroughly enjoyed working through the engaging activities related to our Water Unit. I can't wait to use it again this year!" - Melissa

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