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Ecosystems Worksheets

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I've always struggled to find worksheets on ecosystems at an appropriate level for my students. This no-prep packet is just what you need to reinforce content from your ecosystems unit. These worksheets and graphic organizers are great to use as classwork, homework, and review activities.

8 worksheets are included. Each has informational text on the left side and 3-5 comprehension/extension questions on the right.

Worksheet topics include:

  • What Is an Ecosystem?
  • What Is a Food Web?
  • What Do Decomposers Do?
  • What Are Predators and Prey?
  • What Is a Niche?
  • How Does a Niche Change?
  • What Is a Habitat?
  • What Is a Dichotomous Key?

6 open-ended research graphic organizers are also included:

  • Ecosystem Research
  • Ecosystem Organization (organism, population, community, ecosystem)
  • Food Web Research
  • Types of Consumers Research (carnivores, herbivores, omnivores)
  • Predator-Prey Research
  • An Organism's Niche Research
  • Habitat Research

Answer keys are included for the worksheets.

Recommended Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5

Number of Pages: 23

Supported Standards: 2018 Virginia Science SOL 4.3

What Teachers Are Saying:

"This is an awesome resource, it aligned perfectly with my standards and it was very helpful for the students to have to refer back to!" - Emily

"These are great activities to use during the ecosystem unit. They not only reinforce the standards but also work on reading comprehension at the same time." - Hannah

"I used this for small group and it really helped build prior knowledge when we had science! Thank you!" - Angela

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