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Factors and Multiples Sorting Activities

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Identifying factors and multiples can be tricky for many students. Give them some hands-on practice with factors and multiples with these differentiated sorting activities! These make a great warm-up, math center, review activity, and even assessment.

This resource includes several sets of sorting activities in half-page and full-page options. Easier and more challenging sorts are included so you can meet your students' needs.

Each sorting activity includes a worksheet that students can use to glue the cards when they are finished sorting and an answer key. I have also included 2 blank pages in case you want to choose your own numbers.

Students will practice:

  • identifying factors of numbers, including common factors of 2 and 3 numbers
  • identifying multiples of numbers, including common multiples of 2 and 3 numbers

What's Included:

  • 3 sorting activities for factors
  • 2 factors Venn diagram sorts
  • blank factors worksheet for students to create examples
  • 3 sorting activities for multiples
  • 2 multiples Venn diagram sorts
  • blank multiples worksheet for students to create examples
  • answer key
  • directions for preparation and use

Recommended Grade Levels: 4-5

Number of Pages: 26 + answer keys

Supported Standards: 2023 Virginia Math SOL 4.CE.2 & SOL 5.CE.2

What Teachers Are Saying:

"My students have loved this resource and it's been so helpful! They are finally beginning to understand the difference between factors and multiplies. Thank you for sharing!" - Landi T.

"Great focused resources on JUST factors and multiples. These are concepts students often get reversed so having this resource as more practice has been excellent. There is a mix of easier and challenging problems." - Heather J.

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