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Forms of Writing Digital Activities | Narrative, Expository, Opinion, Descriptive

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Narrative, expository, descriptive, and opinion writing, oh my! It can be challenging for elementary students to understand the organizational structures of different forms of writing. These digital activities are a helpful way to teach forms of writing and their organization, especially if you are in a 1:1 classroom or distance learning environment!

You can use these paperless activities with students or assign them to students to complete in Google Drive™ or Microsoft OneDrive™. You’ll need an internet connection, a laptop or tablet, and a Google or Microsoft OneDrive account to use this resource.

Students will review narrative, expository, descriptive, and opinion writing. Each form of writing includes a variety of slides, such as:

  • defining the form of writing and its pattern of organization
  • example text to read and discuss
  • anchor charts to create with students (where we see each type of text, story starters or sentence starters, etc.)
  • editable graphic organizers for brainstorming
  • editable checklists and rubrics
  • slides for you to add mentor text links and record takeaways (if interested)

An editable lesson plan is also included, along with ideas for the anchor charts, recommended mentor texts, and ideas for lesson extensions.

This resource does not include in-depth units for each writing form. Please ask if you have questions!

What's Included:

  • 49 digital slides
  • editable teacher lesson plans in PowerPoint
  • step-by-step tutorial explaining how to access and share the slides with your students

Number of Pages: 49 Google Slides and lesson plan (5 editable PowerPoint slides)

Recommended Grade Levels: 4, 5

Supported SOLs: Virginia English SOL 4.7

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