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Functional Text Anchor Charts and Analysis Worksheets

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I love using functional text in the classroom because it gives students practice with authentic real world reading. It's easy to introduce the procedural text genre with this helpful, no-prep set of anchor charts and worksheets. These are so handy to use as your students explore a variety of authentic text examples!

What's Included:

  • anchor chart
  • anchor chart with examples of functional formats
  • word wall card (with and without visual)
  • matching worksheet (match functional formats to their purposes)
  • functional text analysis worksheets (2 differentiated versions)

You can print the anchor charts to display or copy at a reduced size for interactive notebooks.

Please note that functional text samples are not included.

Recommended Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5

Number of Pages: 7

What Teachers Are Saying:

"This was a great resource to introduce functional text. I loved the analysis page because it really broke down the process of reading a functional text to help ALL students read and understand them." - Sirena

"This was such a helpful resource! I printed up the posters and used them in my classroom. I liked how the analysis page can be reused over and over again with different types of functional texts." - Laura

"My students loved using this resource! I used the poster that was included to decorate my room and I played musical chairs with the mini half sheets to practice identifying parts of functional text. Students LOVED it! There were a variety of things that were able to be used in this resource" - Lindsey

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