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Functional Text | Flier Reading Comprehension

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Functional text gives students authentic examples of reading in the real world, so it's really useful to include in your reading lesson plans. Students can read this flier about Dismal Swamp tours and answer the corresponding questions to practice a variety of nonfiction reading skills. Both a print and a digital version are included!

This flier is great to use during a nonfiction or functional text unit or to save for an end of year test review. Use it in class with students in small groups for practice or as a homework assignment or assessment!

What's Included:

  • 1-page flier
  • 10 comprehension questions
  • digital version in Google Slides™
  • answer key

Recommended Grade Levels: 4, 5

Number of Pages: 5 + 6 slides

Supported Standards: 2017 Reading SOL 4.4 and 4.6

What Teachers Are Saying:

"Functional texts are something my students always struggle with, so this resource is perfect to work with them on. I love how relatable the passage is and how it is cross-curricular. Thank you for your amazing resources!" - Megan

"This resource is perfect for practicing SOL-type questions while teaching functional text in reading/writing." - Lauren

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