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Math Reference Sticky Note Templates for Grades 3-5

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Take your math instruction to the next level with these fun, easy-to-use math anchor chart sticky note templates! These are a great way to help 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students review a variety of math content, skills, and strategies! These printable templates make awesome reference charts that will support student learning during your math lessons and even at home.

This comprehensive set includes over 40 templates!

How Do I Use These?

Just place 3x3 sticky notes on the included guidelines page, put in your printer, and then print your favorite template! There are so many ways to use these, from one-on-one review to small groups to homework helpers!

Don't want to use all your stickies? Print and laminate the pages for students to use with dry-erase markers or use in interactive notebooks.

Topics Include:

  • place value (whole numbers through millions and decimals)
  • number lines (whole numbers, decimals, and fractions)
  • 100 chart
  • multiplication chart
  • writing and modeling numbers and decimals
  • fractions, decimals, and percents
  • special numbers (odd, even, prime, and composite numbers)
  • factors & multiples
  • problem-solving keywords
  • order of operations
  • geometry concepts
  • measurement conversions
  • probability
  • properties of addition and multiplication
  • types of graphs
  • mean, median, mode, and range

Recommended Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5

Number of Pages: 46

What Teachers Are Saying:

"My students loved the post it math references! They used it easily and I loved the excitement they created! They printed great! Thank you!" - Debra B.

"These sticky reference notes are game changing. They're perfect for students to have a quick reference." - Sharon K.

"Huge time saver! Gives us time to focus on practice and not notetaking." - Anna K.

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