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Mentor Teacher Binder

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Keeping a mentor teacher binder is my top tip for staying organized in your mentoring role! Use these editable forms, calendars, logs, lists, tips, and more to save time, stay focused, and excel as a mentor to a new teacher! These time-saving pages are perfect to create a cute, organized mentor teacher binder that you can use all year long.

You can print the PDF pages if you prefer to plan by hand, or use the editable pages in PowerPoint if you'd like a typed version. Use the binder covers and dividers to add some color and stay organized!

**Please do not purchase this if you're also buying the Mentor Teacher Resources Pack! (The binder is included in the pack.) **

What’s Included:

  • 73 ready-to-print pages to set up a comprehensive mentor teacher binder
  • 45 editable pages (PowerPoint file)
  • 6 editable binder covers
  • 4 editable spine designs in varying widths
  • editable dividers

Mentor Teacher Binder Pages:

  • On Being a Mentor
  • Tips for Mentors
  • Ways to Keep Up Morale
  • Mentor Requirements List
  • Mentor Log
  • Tips for Mentees
  • Mentor-Mentee Orientation Agenda
  • Topics to Cover throughout the Year
  • Topics to Cover with Your Mentee
  • Important Dates (2024-2025)
  • Weekly Planning Calendar
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Quarterly Planning Calendar
  • School Year-at-a-Glance by Quarter
  • School Year-at-a-Glance by Month
  • Year-at-a-Glance Calendar
  • 2024 At-a-Glance Calendar
  • 2025 At-a-Glance Calendar
  • Meeting Log
  • Meeting Notes
  • Unit Planning
  • Lesson Planning
  • Goal Planning
  • Pre-Observation Questions
  • Post-Observation Questions
  • Observation Form
  • Teacher Observation Form
  • Mentor Quarterly Reflection Form
  • Mentee Quarterly Reflection Form
  • Mentor Self-Evaluation Form
  • Mentor Evaluation Form
  • Questions to Ask
  • Notes

Most of the calendars are available in both 1- and 2-page spreads to suit your needs. The PDF version of the binder pages also includes monthly calendars for August 2024 - August 2025. These are updated in late spring/early summer ahead of each new school year.

In order to preserve the formatting I’ve used in the PPT files, directions are included to download four free fonts from Kimberly Geswein.

Please note that this resource is for one mentor teacher's use only.

What Teachers Are Saying:

"This is a fantastic resource. I have been a mentor teacher for 5 years and always tried to be organized, but this is AMAZING. There are so many thoughtful elements included that will help mentor teachers save time. This is a must have resource!" - Amanda

"This is great! I had never had a student teacher before, so this was such a great place to start. Tons of good info and so easy to edit and make personal." - Katie

"I love this resource!!! Thank you so much for providing these documents all in one place! It has been a great help to my mentoring process." - Christy

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