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Place Value Scavenger Hunt Task Cards (4th Grade)

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Place value is such an important concept to teach and review, but it can get a little boring doing it the same way year after year. Get your students up and moving around the room with this fun "scavenger hunt" activity! This is an engaging way to review number sense of whole numbers (up to 9 digits) during your place value unit or anytime during the year when your students need a little extra practice!

This resource is easy to use! Just print and cut the task cards and display them around the room. Students move from card to card as they search for the answer to each question. If you want to use them like traditional task cards, just write numbers on them!

Students Will Review:

  • identifying the place and value of digits
  • identifying numbers in standard and written form
  • comparing numbers
  • ordering numbers
  • rounding numbers

What's Included:

  • 16 task cards (color)
  • 16 task cards (printer-friendly)
  • student recording sheet (2 versions)
  • answer key
  • directions for preparation and use

Recommended Grade Level: 4

Number of Pages: 15

Supported Standards: 2016 Virginia Math SOL 4.1

What Teachers Are Saying:

"I used this as some extra practice for my students. They needed it and this was very engaging. Thanks for this great resource. They didn't even realize they were practicing math!! Thanks for this amazing resource." - Amber

"My students really enjoyed this because they were able to hunt for the different answers around the room. They were able to effectively work in groups while I met with small groups." - S. S.

"This resource is easy to use and fun at the same time. It's great to have on hand. Thank you." - Nicole

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