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Prefix and Suffix Color by Number Worksheets

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Reviewing affixes is fun and engaging with these 2 color by number activities! Use these no-prep worksheets to review prefixes, suffixes, and root words as part of your word analysis lessons or spring test prep! These are great for morning work, centers, early finishers, and sub plans!

You'll receive 2 differentiated worksheets with answer keys:

  • Version 1: Students color based on whether a word contains a prefix, suffix, both, or neither.
  • Version 2: Students answer 25 questions; each question has two answer choices, and students color according to their choice. They'll identify affix meanings and affixes/root words in words as well as create words with affixes.

Recommended Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5

Number of Pages: 6

Supported Standards: Virginia English SOL 3.4, 4.4, 5.4

What Teachers Are Saying:

"My students loved using this activity as a review for testing. I loved that I had two different activities with differing ability levels to use with my students." - Lauren

"Great way to review affixes. I really like the second one where they have to pick the choice. Great way to extend. Thank you!" - Jennifer

"Fun way to review affixes. My students enjoyed the coloring break as they reviewed. I heard great conversations as they broke the words apart." - Mrs. B.

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