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Virginia Regions Templates

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Virginia's geography is a great place to bring some art and creativity into your teaching. Students can use these 7 different templates to show their knowledge of the geography of Virginia’s five regions as well as major products and industries found across the state. This is an awesome resource to use as you teach Virginia's regions or to wrap up your Virginia geography unit.

I’ve used these in a social studies interactive notebook, but they’d also work great as a project or class book. Students can complete any template about one region of Virginia; their illustrations and text should show specific information about that region.
Included are the following templates:
  • postcard
  • scrapbook page
  • flier
  • newspaper page
  • job advertisement
  • Instagram page
  • website page
A planning sheet is also included.

Recommended Grade Levels: 4, 5

Number of Pages: 9

Supported Standards: Virginia Studies VS.2

What Teachers Are Saying:

"This was a great way to integrate VA studies into ELA!" - Richie

"These help my students make visuals of an area they may not have visited before. Making those visuals is doing wonders for retention of the VS.2 information. Thank you!" - Alexis

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