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Tips for Mentor Teachers Roundup

August 5, 2020 No Comments
I have so many tips and ideas to share with you when it comes to being a mentor for a new teacher!

If you are serving as a mentor teacher to a new teacher this school year, thank you! Mentoring is crucial for first-year teachers and I hope that you find it to be a positive and mutually beneficial experience.

If you are brand new to mentoring, you probably have a lot of questions! Even if you’re a veteran mentor, you may be looking for some new ideas!

I’ve written a number of blog posts for mentor teachers and I wanted to make sure they were all in one place so you can easily find helpful tips and ideas. I hope you find these helpful!

What Being a Mentor Teacher Means

Are you a mentor teacher looking for tips? Check out this blog post to learn more about what it means to mentor a new teacher.

What does being a mentor teacher look like? We’ll look at an overview of a mentor’s role and responsibilities.

The Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Are you a mentor teacher working with a new teacher? Click through to learn some tips for developing a relationship with your mentee!

What should a strong mentor-mentee relationship look like, and how can you get there?

What Do Mentors Do?

You've agreed to be a mentor teacher and you've met the new teacher. Now what do you do? Click through for some tips on planning, doing observations, and topics to cover!

Let’s explore some major areas to focus on with the new teacher, such as observations and co-planning.

Increasing New Teacher Morale

How do you support a new teacher when he/she is feeling all the teacher stress? Grab some quick tips to boost a first year teacher's morale!

The first year of teaching can be amazing but also so hard! Grab some ideas for how to support first year teachers when they’re feeling the weight of the job.

Mentoring Teachers During Distance Learning

How will mentoring work if we’re teaching virtually or via a hybrid plan? Grab some tips for mentoring from a distance!

Helpful Pinterest Boards

You may want to check out these Pinterest boards for more ideas and resources:

What questions about mentoring teachers have I not answered? Let me know in the comments!

If you need to save some time, I’ve got you covered on mentor teacher resources that are ready to print and go!

Pin for later:

So many great ideas and tips to get started working as a mentor teacher!

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