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Supporting Learning with Virginia SOL Guides

July 28, 2022 No Comments
SOL guides by standard

When I started teaching 4th grade in Virginia, I was overwhelmed by all the curriculum materials I had to read through! If you’ve seen the curriculum frameworks from the VDOE, you know how text-heavy they are! I really wanted some simple Virginia SOL guides that broke down the big ideas in the standards.

So I ended up creating some kid-friendly guides that focus on the key parts of the SOLs and include some resources and extension ideas, too.

I designed these guides to send home with families for support outside of school, but they’re also perfect for teachers and homeschoolers!

Virginia Studies Parent Guides

The Virginia Studies guides are broken down by standard from VS.2 to VS.10.

parent guides for Virginia Studies SOLs

Each one includes key questions students should be able to answer, along with important vocabulary words, places, and people.

The guides also list related books and websites that support the Virginia Studies standards.

Find the Virginia Studies guides here.

Science SOL Parent Guides

The guides I’ve created for the 4th and 5th grade Science SOLs have a similar setup.

They include key questions and vocabulary, along with suggested books, videos, websites, and podcasts.

And then my favorite part – each guide has recommended activities, experiments, and even places to visit to learn more about each topic. And they include clickable links for easy access.

science SOL guides break down the big ideas for families and teachers

Find the 4th grade Virginia Science SOL guides here.

Find the 5th grade Virginia Science SOL guides here.

All of these SOL guides pair well with my study guides, which have more in-depth content for each standard. You can see those here.

I know how overwhelming the Virginia SOLs can be when you’re new to teaching them, so I love these family-friendly SOL guides that make them easy to understand. Whether you send these home with students or use them yourself for planning, I hope that they’re a helpful resource!

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