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10 Must-Have Virginia Studies Review Activities

May 9, 2022 No Comments
activities to use to review Virginia Studies curriculum

When it comes to reviewing for the Virginia Studies SOL test, I know how helpful it is to have a variety of activities to choose from. Whether you need simple worksheets, digital TEI practice, or activities that get your students moving, I’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, I’ve rounded up 10 Virginia Studies review activities that will help your students review the standards without you having to spend hours creating something new.

Study Guides and Review Worksheets

study guides are so helpful to review Virginia Studies SOLs

Break out the highlighters! If I had to pick one resource, this would probably be it. These study guides with review worksheets are great to use as you teach each unit and to bring out again when it’s test prep time. You can even repurpose the study guides and have students use them to create their own questions.

Find the Virginia Studies study guides and review worksheets bundle here.

Sorting Activities

hands-on sorting activities are awesome for Virginia Studies test review

Sorting activities are hands-down another go-to test prep activity. Why? They’re interactive. They’re great for partners and small groups. AND they’re helpful for reviewing content that kids mix up easily, like the contributions of individuals during the Revolutionary War or the importance of different cities throughout Virginia’s history.

I’ve created a bundle of all the Virginia Studies sorts I’ve made. Each one includes a print and digital version so you have some flexibility in how you use them.

You can try this FREE Virginia documents sorting activity to get started!

Digital TEI Practice Activities

You know we have to include some TEI practice in here!

My digital unit reviews are a fun way for students to go over the key points from the different Virginia Studies standards. Students love these interactive activities and they’re an easy way to review units you may not have talked about in a while! The activities are in Google Slides™ and include lots of practice with drag-and-drop.

I love these digital Virginia Studies SOL unit reviews for TEI practice

And I also love this Digital VS SOL TEI Questions Activity because the questions are similar to the ones they’ll see on the test. You can have students complete them in one go, but it’s also nice to go through a few a day during your test review week(s).

If you want a more in-depth review activity, I’ve also made digital exit tickets for each unit. This is another good option for yearlong spiral review or to use in test prep stations. You can grab them individually or as part of the discounted bundle.

Virginia Studies Review Task Cards

Virginia Studies review task cards are perfect to use all year and at spring test prep

We can’t talk about test prep without mentioning task cards! I’ve created several sets of comprehensive task cards that cover important places, people, groups of people, documents, and much more. I’ve also made a few cross-curricular sets so you can review two subjects at the same time!

If task cards are your thing, you can check out the bundle here.

Digital “This or That” Game

digital activities provide excellent TEI skills practice right in Google Slides

Another fun activity is this digital “this or that” game bundle. This one focuses on basic recall of key places, people, and vocabulary from the entire curricuum. Best of all, it gets kids moving at their seats while reviewing the SOLs. And it’s another good choice if you like to use spiral review during the year.

Movement Activities

interactive Virginia Studies review activities get 4th and 5th graders up and moving

If you’re a big fan of SOL review activities that get your students moving and interacting, these “find someone who”-like options are perfect! These activities are a fun way for students to remember the many people and places they’ve learned about this year.

Virginia Studies Flash Cards

flash cards are a helpful SOL review tool for 4th and 5th grade students

Flash cards are another great (underrated) tool to have for your test prep. I love them because there are SO many ways to use them. You can try cooperative learning games like quiz-and-trade, pair them with board games, or send home for families to use together! Find more ideas here.

These come separately for each VS unit or you can grab them all together in one discounted pack.

Timeline Review

Last but not least, I love test prep activities that allow for some creativity – not just spouting off answers. This VS timeline review activity has pennant templates that students can draw and write on to review big events in Virginia’s history. I hope they have a lot of fun with this one!

The Big Virginia Studies Review Bundle

If you’re looking to save time and stress as you plan your SOL test prep, you can grab the entire review bundle, discounted at 20%, with all of these resources and more. This one will see you through the year and into your test review.

Whew! Virginia Studies is amazing to teach but I know reviewing for the SOL test can be tough. I hope you’re able to find something to ease your stress a bit as you head into testing season. You and your kids have got this!

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