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5 Top Winter Math Activities for Upper Elementary Students

January 8, 2022 No Comments
winter math activities for 3rd, 4th, 5th grade

I love winter break and snow days as much as the next person, but those interruptions can mean needing to do lots of reteaching of the content you’ve already taught. This can get a little stressful at a time of the school year that can already be hard for teachers. So I’m all about having some no-prep activities on deck to review math standards in the winter months.

These winter math activities are great to use to review topics like place value, rounding, multiplication facts, and word problems with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!

Winter Math Worksheets

I learned quickly in my first year of teaching how helpful it is to keep reviewing first- and second-quarter content so you aren’t scrambling to reteach at spring testing time.

Winter review packets are perfect to pull out when you need standards-based grab-and-go worksheets.

This 4th grade packet is great for reviewing place value, decimals, fractions, operations, word problems, elapsed time, and patterns (Virginia Math SOL-aligned).

And this 5th grade packet covers a ton of skills, including prime and composite numbers, multiplying fractions by whole numbers, using the order of operations, and more.

fourth grade math SOL review packet with a winter theme

These worksheets are perfect to use for morning work, math stations, and sub plans to keep skills fresh long after you’ve finished teaching those units.

Winter-themed Boom Cards

winter math activities include digital Boom cards

You know how much I love Boom cards. When kids start getting the winter doldrums, these self-checking digital task cards are engaging every time! You can find Boom cards for every math standard out there. While students complete them, not only do they practice math skills, but they get TEI skills practice, too.

This wintry set is awesome for reviewing fraction number sense, and I love this fun one for identifying factors and multiples!

Winter Multistep Word Problems Task Cards

If your students struggle with two-step word problems, these task cards can be a handy way to give them the rigorous practice they need.

If you’re new to task cards, there’s lots of ways to use them. You can create a whole-class review game or simply print and cut for an engaging math station. I’ve always loved keeping task cards on a ring to use when I find myself with 5 extra minutes!

winter multistep word problem task cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers

Not only are students practicing how to read and solve a word problem with multiple steps, but they also practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, too!

Coloring Winter Math Activities for Big Kids

No list of math activities would be complete without some hands-on coloring!

winter math activities upper elementary students

In this low-prep coloring activity, students spin and color to review whole number place value, including rounding and comparing. And there are 3 differentiated version so you can meet your students’ needs.

Snowball Math Review

Here’s one of my ultimate favorite low-prep winter activities for any subject – snowball review! Just write or print questions on white paper, cut apart, and ball them up. Students toss the “snowballs.” When they catch one or pick one up off the floor, they have to answer the question aloud before throwing it again.

Super high engagement, pretty easy to prep, and a great way to bring some “snow” fun into your classroom!

winter math activities 4th grade

Just because it’s cold and bare outside doesn’t mean your math activities have to be dry! I hope you found some fun ideas for engaging 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade winter math activities that will help students practice important skills you’ve taught earlier in the year. Have more ideas for math review in the winter months? Share them in the comments!

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